0 yuan for● mini passeng●er cars, and 6,000 y●uan for other types ○of vehicles■.The Plan clearly s○tipulates ◆that local governmen〓ts should tak●e responsibil〓ity for any◆ surplus or def●icit of subsidy fu●nds allocated by ○th

e central○ budget in ○accordance with the ◆aforemention●ed standard. Local g◆overnments can 〓adjust the subsidy s◆tandard ba■sed on factors such○ as the type and a●ge of "yellow●-label vehicle◆," urban manage〓ment and oth●er relevant consider●ations."The 'other● types of vehicle●s' mentioned● above incl●ude cars," explained○ Zhu Yiping, Assi■stant Secretary-■General of Chi●na Association ●of Automobile M◆anufacturers◆. Deputy Secretar■y-General of Chi●na Automob●ile Dealer◆s Associati●on Luo Lei believe〓s that the◆ previous au〓tomobile "trade-i〓n" policy was targe●ted at comme●rcial vehi■cles with buses a〓s its focu

s ●but the inclu○sion of privat○e cars in the ○revised vers◆ion of the policy "●is a major hi●ghlight."Accor●ding to Lu〓o, the service ●lifetime standar■d for "trade-〓ins" varies accord○ing to type●s of vehicle, an〓d vehicle owners● can refer to their◆ local aut◆horities about the● details.As for ho●usehold appliances, ◆2 billion yuan will 〓be allocated fro〓m the central budg〓et for setting up pi○lot "trade-in" a■reas for five maj

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